Please Don't Eat The Wallpaper!


Book: Please Don't Eat The Wallpaper!: The Teenager's Guide To Avoiding Trans Fats, Enriched Wheat And High Fructose Corn Syrup

Written in a simple style, this work takes an integral look into the diets of average 14 year olds and their perceptions of the food they eat. Dr. Irven teaches them to want better food and how to make better choices.

Do we really need another book about food and how to eat? Yes!

Dr. Nancy Irven has designed a straightforward and easily understood class on nutrition at the local high school. Her volunteer efforts have had astonishing results among her students. "The experts are now stating that the upcoming generation will not outlive its parents because of current trends of child obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. I feel we must get their attention and do something productive once we get it. Do they know what is and is not healthy? They do not. They need to be taught. European countries have lower infant mortality rates than the United States. We are one of the richest countries with the most advanced medical system and yet our babies are dying." -- Dr. Nancy Irven

Please Don't Eat The Wallpaper! is written for Dr. Irven's patients, students, friends, family, and for those of you who are still confused about healthy foods. Please Don't Eat The Wallpaper! will change the way you think about food.


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One of the most common questions I am asked by parents is; “How can I possibly get my child to stop drinking soda?  What alternatives might he/she accept?”

This problem really has two parts.
  1. Does the child understand why sodas are bad for them?
  2. What can they replace them with?

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